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Oxford Family Shares A Taste Of Pilgrim Life

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OXFORD — To most Americans, Thanksgiving means turkey, family, and friends. However, it was a much different story for the Pilgrims.

An Oxford family who relives the first Thanksgiving now shares the Pilgrims' traditions with other families.

Pilgrim Days started out as a project for Nathaniel, Abigail and Emma Hinds. The tour has since turned into a popular holiday lesson for families from all over.

"We've had groups from as far away as Virginia come and we haven't advertised at all this year and we're booked, so it's pretty popular," said Nathaniel.

From the clothes the pilgrims wore to the manners at dinner, the children of today learn that growing up in the 17th century was not easy.

"It was a difficult time back then. A lot of children come away from this tour saying 'Thank God I live now,'" explained Jeanne Hinds to her audience.

"They didn't take that many baths, and ... they also had lice and fleas and had to stand up at the dinner table," said Sterling Earhart, 9.

During the 90-minute tour, children get to try authentic Pilgrim food and drinks. Swizzle, a common beverage of the time, is usually a hit.

Since children had to take care of the animals back then, farm chores become a part of the day, too.

While the program is a lot of fun for children, it also impresses the adults who attend.

"You can read it in a book, but it doesn't solidify as well as hands on and seeing it," said parent Christa Jamison.

Pilgrim Days gives families a new look at an old holiday.

"It's actually something that we may try to incorporate this year in our own family, start some traditions of going back to some historical celebrations," said Jamison.

The Hinds are already booking next year's Pilgrim Days dates, which are expected to fill up quickly. More information can be found on their

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