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Yoga Classes Proving Popular Before And After Pregnancy

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DURHAM — Pregnancy can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences in a woman's life. Many expectant mothers are discovering an exercise trend that aims to make the experience of carrying a child a little easier on the body and the mind.

Sabine Meade started teaching prenatal yoga classes six years ago. At the time, she said that there were no classes like it available in Chapel Hill and Durham.

Meade was already a self-proclaimed yogi before she became pregnant. She later realized that the practice could be even more useful for expectant mothers who are dealing with rapid changes in their bodies.

"Part of what yoga does is create more comfort in the body. It's not the kind of yoga class where it's really strong yoga. It's really more gentle yoga because you're getting a workout growing a baby," she said.

Meade's first classes had about five people. Today, some classes at the

Yoga Spot

draw more than 30 new mothers who work together to achieve a relaxing goal.

Many are getting hooked just like Meade did years ago.

"One of the most important parts of this work is to instill a sense of confidence in the ability to grow a healthy baby and to get that baby out of the body and to be a wonderful mom," Meade said.

Meade also teaches a postnatal yoga class where mothers can bring their babies. A helper cares for fussy babies while moms work out.

Meade said that the classes are a great way for new mothers to meet one another and serves as an opportunity for them to get out of the house, which can often be difficult for new parents.


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