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Tips From Ellen Jane Baker, Culture2Culture (Updated December 4)

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    Holiday Networking Tips (from Wednesday, December 4):
  1. Use every opportunity:
  2. Holiday parties
  3. Houses of Worship
  4. Family Gatherings
  5. Professional Associations
  6. Holiday Shopping
  7. Use a physical or verbal conversation starter to break the ice.
  8. It is more important to be interested than interesting.
  9. Dress with confidence and with a holiday touch.
  10. Do not drink alcohol.
  11. Smile, be approachable and enjoy!
  12. Interview Tips (from Wednesday, November 28):

  13. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.
  14. Listen two thirds of the time, speak only one third.
  15. Ask only open-ended questions.
  16. Focus on your benefit to the company.
  17. Ask for the job!
  18. Targeting Companies (from Friday, November 9):

  19. Research Growth: Companies that are growing are companies that are hiring.
  20. Focus on Hot Industries: Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Security, Universities, Hospitals
  21. Create a target subgroup: small, high-tech firms, start-up companies in Cary, etc.
  22. Baker says focus and organization are the keys.

    Resume Tips (from Wednesday, November 14):

  23. Write an accomplishment-driven resume using strong action verbs.
  24. Assure that it will survive a 15-second scan.
  25. Include: an Objective, a Summary, Professional Experience, Education, Professional Development, Certifications, Licenses and Awards.
  26. Emphasize the benefit to the employer in your objective.
  27. Be concise, honest, to the point and grammatically correct.
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