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Changes Under Way For Embattled Robeson County Animal Shelter

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ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. — Activists in Robeson County who are attempting to save dogs and cats at the local animal shelter have hit a roadblock.

A woman in Sampson County had agreed to adopt all 40 dogs and 30 cats, but she backed out after animal control officers showed up to investigate her property Wednesday morning.

Activists have filed a lawsuit against the county, alleging that it is putting animals to death in an inhumane manner.

"We cannot save every animal. We know that, but this is an attempt to educate people through this unfortunate situation occurring here [about] what these animals are going through, and that people need to have their animals spayed and neutered," said Faith Walker, who filed the lawsuit.

The county health director says the county has changed its method of euthanizing animals to one which is more humane. They have also agreed not to euthanize any animals this week in order to give people more time to adopt them.