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Wake County Schools Release Reassignment Proposal

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WAKE COUNTY — Most parents attempting to learn about Wake County Schools' latest reassignment proposal had a tough time doing so Tuesday.



was made

available online

, but the school system's Web site was unable to handle the traffic from concerned parents.

Parents were especially quick to access the site because they will have some say early in this year's planning process.

The substantial student reassignment plan affects 65 schools in Wake County -- half of the system's schools. School leaders hope to improve overcrowding and diversity as it shifts 5,800 students to different schools.

Middle Creek High School will add a 9th and 10th grade; the new Ballentine Elementary in southern Wake County will open; and the new Moore Square Museum's Magnet Middle School will be assigned a base population.

Other students will shuffle to relieve overcrowding in some schools and help fill under-enrolled schools. All of Wake County's 15 high schools, 17 middle schools, and 33 elementary schools are affected in the reassignment plan.

Parents are being given the opportunity to tell the school board what they want before plans are set.

"It's the administration's plan at this point and we'd like to get some feedback from the public about things they think are good or bad about the plan," said associate superintendent Walt Sherlin.

Parents of students included in the changes will be notified in writing. They will have three weeks to respond in writing with their ideas.

"If there are good suggestions that come through, it will be very easy for us to look at and evaluate and say, 'Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Let's go ahead and change the proposal and get it as close to right as we can get it before we turn it over to the board for a plan,'" Sherlin said.

Parents can send letters to the school board. They can be mailed to: Student Assignment Wake County Schools P.O. Box 28041 Raleigh, N.C. 27611-8041

Parents can also send comments directly through thethe

school system's

Web site.

The school board will look at the proposal and hold public hearings before finalizing the plan.


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