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Reporter Uncovers Photo With Local Ties In WTC Rubble

Posted November 8, 2001 6:59 a.m. EST

— A photograph with a local connection is at the center of a mystery from ground zero in New York.

Marcella Palmer of WCBS-TV in New York found a picture in the rubble that shows three young children. What is surprising about the picture is what is written on the back of the picture.

"On the back, I looked and it said, 'Crab Shack, Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, August 1999.' I picked the picture up and I said, 'My goodness, what's happened to the children or what's happened to their parents?'" she said.

There is a Joe's Crab Shack in Durham, but that information alone does not solve the mystery. If you know anything about this photograph,

we would like to hear from you.