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Wake County Students Put Heads Together For WTC Memorial

Posted November 8, 2001 4:13 a.m. EST

— Some of the most creative and insightful tributes since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have come from children. Students at one Wake County school came up with a tribute. The tribute is based on a decision that developers in New York City are also dealing with.

First, the health classes at Wakefield Middle School formed groups, and those groups each made an important decision: whether to rebuild the World Trade Center.

The lesson is really about teamwork and building relationships.

"It is very important because one person couldn't do all this work by themselves and it takes a team to do something like this," said student Reggie Nash.

Everyone had a personal idea of what to do, but the groups had to form one working model or drawing. The kids discussed debris removal, traffic, how to honor victims and security.

Teacher Howie Thompson hopes his students will come away from this lesson understanding the huge task before New Yorkers.