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Wake County Students Write Letters To Local Firefighters

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WAKE COUNTY — While many have always considered them heroes, police officers and firefighters have been elevated in the public's esteem since Sept. 11.

Every child at one Wake County School wrote to a local firefighter to let them know they are appreciated.

In October,

Swift Creek Elementary

students wrote to local firefighters.

The letters were presented to the Swift Creek firefighters during an assembly at the school.

The students wrote to thank the firefighters for their bravery and for teaching them how to keep their homes safe from fire. Some students even shared personal experiences about when firefighters helped their families.

Their letters asked questions, too.

The firefighters who serve the Swift Creek community did not have to go to New York or Washington, D.C., but the children still see the men and women in the big red trucks as protectors, rescuers and heroes.

The 5th-graders wrote to President Bush, too.

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