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Knightdale Musician Hopes Song Hits A Patriotic High Note

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KNIGHTDALE — A local songwriter hopes his modern, American anthem will tap into the renewed patriotic spirit.

Jarion Hamm of Knightdale wrote "America, A Beautiful Place" three years ago. He says the bombing in Oklahoma City a couple of years before inspired the tune, along with a new appreciation he had for his country.

"I had the opportunity to tour over in Germany, Paris, and London. And when I came back home, I just began to appreciate this country," he says.

The song sat on the shelf for three years, but now Hamm understands why.

"Now is the prophetic timing of this song," he says.

Hamm says that the reaction he has received from church congregations, concert crowds and even some local radio play has fueled his high hopes for the song, which he believes is especially appropriate after the events of Sept. 11.


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