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Armed Forces Ramp Up Recruitment

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WILSON, N.C. — Since the war started, the Armed Forces have been looking for a few good men and women. There are some new ads on TV now to help make the sell.

The Air Force is launching their $30 million ad campaign this week. The Marines will unveil their new recruitment commercials in January.

"For those that don't see us in uniform or whatever, it throws out the Marine Corps to them and gives them an idea of what the Marine Corps is all about," said Marine recruiter Sgt. John Parris.

Army recruiter Stormey Gillens said ads also show potential soldiers that there are plenty of non-combat positions to consider.

"The medical field, personnel, chemicals -- you name it. Pretty much, 80 percent of the jobs a person does in the Army right now are civilian-related," he said.

Advertising on the Web is also doing well. Some military Web pages include video ads and messages from high-ranking officers.


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