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Triangle's Economy Suffers Since Sept. 11

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Even before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the nation's economy was hurting. But in its aftermath, many industries in the Triangle are continuing to struggle.

According to Campbell Harvey of Duke University, the ripple effect will cost the Triangle $560 million over the next two years. Lower numbers from tourism to sales tax will contribute to the local losses.

Triangle area hotel owners are trying to do something about their impending losses. They have launched a massive campaign to bring more visitors to our restaurants, museums and sporting events during the holidays.

From Nov. 16 through Dec. 30, they are offering their lowest hotel rates as part of weekend getaway packages. The discounts are aimed at people who live within driving distance of the hotels.

"They don't want to fly. I think people feel more comfortable driving, but they want to get out and do things, so it's important to say, 'Hey Raleigh, there are things to do,'" said Sally Nottingham of Ramada Inn.

Hotel occupancy was down 23 percent in the Triangle during September. Local tourism officials hope the low-rate campaign will help the industry rebound.