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Three Hard Drives Taken From N.C. State

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The theft of three hard drives at N.C. State could impact thousands of people.

The hard drives were taken from N.C. State's transportation department, which issues parking permits and tickets.

A note sent to as many as 14,000 of the department's customers says the hard drives contained Social Security and credit card numbers. N.C. State officials say the chances of the thieves accessing the information are remote.

Senior Jason Reichow says he plans to get a new credit card number.

"Computer codes can be cracked. You know you can try it long enough and you're going to get through," he says.

Students and employees also say the school should have notified them of the theft faster. N.C. State offiicals say they believe they did tell everyone about it in a timely fashion.

N.C. State's Public Safety Department has not arrested anyone in connection with the crime.