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Pentagon Suspends Anonymous Military Mail Programs

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Letters from home are usually a big boost for soldiers and other military personnel overseas, but in this new war, not all of the mail is getting through.

The Pentagon has announced that it is suspending two popular military mail programs. For years, anonymous letters have been sent to troops through Operation: Dear Abby and Any Service Member Letter Writing Campaign.

Since it would be nearly impossible to scan and search each letter for possible signs of anthrax, only letters from soldiers' families and friends will get through.

"That volume of mail will be impossible to check without a large number of people doing it and that is just not possible with our forces today. The security is paramount so we just can't do it," said Chief Master Sgt. Kevin McLaughlin.

Instead of writing letters, officials with the U.S. Department of Defense have come up with other alternatives to help the troops. They ask that people volunteer in their communities at places such as VA hospitals or donate money to military relief societies.


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