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Durham Woman Gets House Cleaned, Learns Health Lesson

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DURHAM, N.C. — A Durham woman was one of three winners in a nationwide contest. What was her prize? She had her house cleaned, but her problem was not related to clutter. A "clean team" is helping her breathe easier.

Even before the cleaning started, the rooms in Sharon Boyd's home looked like pictures in a magazine, as long as you did not take a microscopic view of the home.

Jeff Campbell, author of a book called "Speed Cleaning" and the leader of the Flonase Clean Team, showed Boyd why her home has not always been so sweet.

Boyd said she never realized mold, dust mites and pet dander triggered her sneezing fits until she left on a sneeze-free trip to Africa and came back home.

"That's when I realized that it was my home that was causing the problem," she said.

Boyd's story won the Flonase Nasal Spray prize: expert cleaning and expert advice.

Campbell said most people vacuum floors, but not couches or mattresses that get just as dusty. Dust also collects on plants and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Campbell gave Boyd a Star Wheel that will guide her through cleaning tasks in every room of the house.

"[It's] sort of taking things apart and putting them back together so that's exciting," Boyd said.

Boyd also received free medical advice from a local allergist and $5,000 worth of cleaning supplies.