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Durham Residents To Vote On $74 Million School Bond Package

Posted October 31, 2001 3:46 a.m. EST

— Durham residents will vote on a $74 million bond on Nov. 6. Nearly $52 million will go to update old schools and to build a new elementary school.

Durham residents may wonder why they should approve a tax hike for schools. Duke University President Nan Keohane was among a group getting a first-hand explanation at Rogers-Herr Middle School Tuesday.

The aged building is crowded, with inadequate wiring for technology and poor air quality. For example, students in the school's band room cannot hear the teacher unless he turns off the ventilation system, which overheats the room.

"The conditions are not one that I would prefer to work in and most adults probably don't work in, so it's sad that our future leaders of the United States have to be educated in conditions like this," said parent Veronica McClure.