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National Article Casts Negative Light On Fayetteville

Posted October 31, 2001 10:59 a.m. EST

— The city of Fayetteville has been working hard to leave behind its reputation as strictly a military town. A recent magazine article is casting a long shadow on those efforts.

Fayetteville just received an All-America City designation, but you would not believe it if you read a recent article published in

"The New Yorker."

The article, titled "Army Town," is published in the Oct. 29 edition of the magazine and talks about Fort Bragg deployments. The piece describes neighboring Fayetteville as aesthically challenged and a place with no civic pride.

Bragg Boulevard is described as "a place filled with pornoramas, pawnbrokers and quick loan pit-stops."

"I think he bought right into the old stereotype and didn't bother to look," says resident Libby Daniel of the article's author. "You don't have to look hard to find wonderful people, beautiful neighborhoods, great history, a great art community and wonderful education. People dearly love it here."

The never-ending battle to fight Fayetteville's negative image is getting some people even more motivated. Some residents say that they plan to write rebuttal letters to the magazine.

WRAL's efforts to reach the author were unsuccessful.