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Same Town, Different State For Balloon Landing

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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — These days, air travel is not what it used to be, but for one small helium balloon it was smooth sailing.

On Friday, Hillsborough resident Anne Nolan found a balloon wrapped around a bush in her backyard. Attached was a note from a Missouri fifth-grader, which said "God Bless America."

"I thought it could not be possible. Even with a little bit of wind, I could not believe that it had come this way," she said. "It wasn't dirty. It wasn't rained on. It was in perfect condition."

The balloon was one of 450 released by Grandview Elementary School students Friday. The Nolans plan to write to the student who sent it.

"We'll let him know that we're thinking about America and God is sending his blessings across the country," Nolan said.

The trip from the school in Hillsboro, Missouri to the Nolans' home in Hillsborough, North Carolina is 844.1 miles by car.


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