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Officials Suggest Asking Neighbors To Take Care Of Pets During Deployment

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WAYNE COUNTY, N.C. — With military personnel in our state being called to action quickly, some will have to scramble to find homes for their pets.

Historically, some pets owned by military personnel end up in the pound, where they could be euthanized. The Wayne County Animal Shelter and the local Humane Society are urging troops to find friends or family now who can help before they are deployed.

"I think now with all that's gone on, we all know that we're a family, we're a community and we're a nation," said Jean Hollowell of the Wayne County Humane Society. "We need to take care of each other and that's one way we can do this."

Animal Control officers say that if you plan to keep someone else's pet, it is a good idea to spent a little time with it before deployment.


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