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Knightdale Neighbors Angry After Latest Accident At Intersection

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KNIGHTDALE — Some Knightdale residents say that they have been trying to make things safer along a deadly stretch of Highway 64 for years. Now there has been another accident.

The most recent wreck at the intersection of Highway 64 and Marks Creek Road happened Sunday evening. Two teenagers who were headed for church suffered serious injuries after being hit by another car.

People who live, work and worship near the intersection are wondering how much longer will it take before something is done to make the area safer.

"There's nothing. They have put a flashing yellow light and that's all," said Brian Johnston, the youth pastor at Faith Baptist Church.

On Sunday evening, Johnston and others came runnning to the aid of the two teens involved in the collision.

The car, driven by John Price and carrying T.J. Jackson, was crossing Highway 64 on Marks Creek Road.

"They thought there was a clear way, so as they were going across, a Lexus creamed them right in the side," said Johnston.

The woman driving the Lexus was not injured; Price will lose part of a finger. Jackson took the brunt of the impact, suffering inetrnal bleeding and a broken pelvis.

The teens' attempt to cross Highway 64 on Marks Creek Road will soon be illegal once concrete islands, now only marked in orange paint, force drivers to make right turns only.

It has been four months since two elderly women died at the same crossing and four months since the DOT promised to install the new system.

DOT Operations Engineer Joey Hopkins said that the new concrete islands will be installed the first week of November.

When asked why the DOT does not use temporary signs that forbid through traffic, Hopkins said that drivers tend not to obey them as much as they do barriers that force them to go one way or another.