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High-Tech Company Known Worldwide Based In Morrisville

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MORRISVILLE, N.C. — A Triangle high-tech company known around the world is making a name for itself in Morrisville.

MicroEdge quietly moved along, growing quickly around the world, but the company did not make a splash in the Triangle except at SAS, IBM, Cisco and other Fortune 500 companies.

"We wanted to let people know that we're here, that even in some not so good economic times maybe, there are people who are doing well here," said CEO Jill Maurer.

So the Morrisville-based company changed the name to Slick Edit to mirror the name of their flagship product, Visual Slick Edit.

The software developers at Slick Edit continue to develop the program, Visual Slick Edit, which is used by programmers at other companies to make the products we use every day.

"Your car is programmed, your cell phone, your VCR and even something as simple as getting your bag of chips to you at lunch," said CEO Jill Maurer.

Visual Slick Edit is used by 125,000 programmers around the world to edit computer code from any operating system to any other operating system. Eighty percent of the company's users are in the United States, so Slick Edit plans to pursue the rest of the world as it continues to make money.

"We have not had customer satisfaction issues so we have a huge reference ability to model, if you will, in that customer base, and that alone allowed us to maintain profitability," said president Howard Lewis.

The company now has 35 employees, but it plans to add about 10 more next year.

"We've knocked off a lot of competition along the way. We really don't have direct competition," Maurer said.

Visual Slick Edit has won several awards and is being used by federal government programmers at the FAA and soon, the IRS.


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