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Attendance Down At State Fair, Yet Organizers Claim It Was A Success

Posted October 22, 2001 10:52 a.m. EDT

— Organizers are calling the State Fair a success. Now the only hustle and bustle going on at the fairgrounds Monday morning is the clean-up.

Nearly 700,000 people came through the gates during the 10-day event, which is down from about 850,000 last year, when the State Fair set new records for attendance.

"Last year was a huge fair. With record attendance, [it was] a real record-buster fair," said State Fair manager Wesley Wyatt. "We're down from that, but it's close to the historical average."

Organizers say the 2001 State Fair was a big success, if you measure it by families having fun. Keeping those families safe was also a top priority.

Dozens of police officers patrolled the fairgrounds daily, to keep the peace, and to reassure visitors. At a time when public safety is more important than ever, there were no serious security problems.

"It feels real good that we haven't had any major safety concerns, no injuries and any kind of major problems in that area," Wyatt said.

Crews have been out at the state fairgrounds late Sunday night through early Monday morning cleaning up. They say it will take them all week to put the fairgrounds back in order.