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Junior ROTC Students Keeping Keen Eye On World Events

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WILSON, N.C. — For most teens in high school, the concerns of the day include who's-dating-whom and which bands are popular this month, but some students are also keeping up with world events since they may become directly involved.

The events since Sept. 11 have given teens at Wilson Fike High School a new perspective on the military and war. Gian Zucchi says the attack on our soil reinforces his plans to join the Air Force after college.

"It's never changed my view of the military. As a matter of fact, it's kind of heightened it because I feel more patriotism and I feel more of a need to go in and help my fellow people out," he says.

Garvis Joyner also plans to graduate from college and fly a fighter jet.

"I don't want to let anything like this stand in my way," he says.

Of course, not every student is talking about the war. Many of them are talking about typical high school stuff. Andrael Battle says that is a good sign for all of us.

"Everything is back to normal, like it should be and that's what I would like to continue," she says. "If we show the world that we're afraid of them, that's not right. It looks bad on America, but I'm glad we're getting back to our normal selves."

The Junior ROTC program does not recruit students for the armed forces. Many students join to learn leadership skills, but opt not to make a military career of it.


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