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Police Say Fighting The Battle Against Terrorism Could Help Win War On Drugs

Posted October 19, 2001 8:19 a.m. EDT

— With America still on alert after the attacks of September 11, tighter security is the rule for travelers. Most people do not mind the inconvenience, but drug dealers do.

Police say drug traffickers were using trains, buses and planes to move their merchandise, but the close surveillance has left all roads are closed to them.

"We usually get a lot of information from informants ... that a shipment is coming in, that so-and-so is coming in," says Wilson Police Sergeant Scott Bissette. "And we're not getting as many calls."

"Informants we've talked with said that everybody's scared to move around any narcotics at this time," says Bissette.

Earlier this week in Wilson, tons of marijuana were discovered in a frozen food truck. The tactic was creative, but ultimately failed.

Police say the war on terrorism is having some unexpected, but positive side effects.

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