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More Travelers Flying In And Out Of RDU Again, But Cannot Find Parking On Ground

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RDU INTERNATIONAL, N.C. — RDU officials say that more and more people are taking to the skies again, but apprehension about flying is turning into frustration about parking.

If you are looking to park close to the terminals at

RDU International

, you may have to look long and hard. Hourly spaces are few and far between.

Those near Terminal A have been closed since Sept. 11 because they are within 300 feet of the terminal. At Terminal C, they are open at certain times of the day, when cars are searched as they come in.

"It's not that we want to make passengers' lives harder or more complicated, but we're struggling with the resources we have to keep up with all the new regulations on security and parking," said RDU spokeswoman Mirinda Kossoff.

Officials say electronic message boards are constantly updated on available parking, but even though some of the signs say closed, cars are still streaming into the daily lots between the terminals.

RDU officials say you should leave yourself plenty of extra time or have someone drop you off at the airport.

Airport officials are hoping they will soon be able to give up-to-the-minute parking information on AM radio 1610. Right now, the station just gives general information, so the electronic signs are your only guide.


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