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Cary Radio Signal Provides Hope For Afghan People

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CARY, N.C. — A local organization with a global reach is one of the few outside voices reaching people in Afghanistan.

Trans World Radio has corporate offices in Cary and broadcasts Christian programs into 160 countries and in 166 languages. Their message is breaking through the barriers of war.

The Taliban government filters most information flowing into the country. Televisions are often seized and programs are blacked out, but short- and medium-wave radio signals are getting through.

"People who want to hear and people who want to connect can be the most ingenious people in the world," said Bill Mial, assistant director of Trans World Radio. "We think we have the message of hope and peace for these very troubled days."

Hostile governments have been known to jam news and commentary from Voice of America, but it is an expensive thing to do. TWR leaders say governments may spend money jamming news broadcasts, but usually leave signals carrying religious programs alone.


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