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Kernels Of Knowledge Come From Maze Of Maize

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RAMSEUR — Take 11 acres of corn, carve three miles of twists and turns throughthe stalk, add a flock of fourth-graders and you have grown bushels of agricultural ambassadors.

Michael Beal grew up farming the land. Now he is sharing his knowledge in a fun way.

"Coming from a farm, I take for granted a lot of things that I know about farming and agriculture and a lot of kids have never had exposure to this. So we're trying to get some interest and let the kids learn steps taken in that process," says Beal.

Part of the the lesson is learning that corn is used in 3,500 different products, including baby foods and antibiotics.

To the kids who visit his farm, Beal is the corn cop, offering a "corny" passport that helps visitors through the three-mile maze.

Beal asks questions that help stimulate the kids' interest in agriculture and to help them find their way through the maze.

So has Beal ever become lost in his creation?

"When we first started cutting it, we did. We lost a lawn mower one morning. We basically started back at the beginning until we found it," he says.

From the air, the maze is designed like the "Goodness Grows in North Carolina" logo, highlighting the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

You can get lost in this

Ramseur corn maze

through November 3.Starting Friday, Oct. 19, the maze will be haunted, so be sure to bring a flashlight!


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