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Deployed Airman Corresponds With Wilson Family Through E-Mail

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WILSON, N.C. — A family in Wilson has a different perspective on the American effort to fight terrorism than most people. Their grandson, a senior airman in the Air Force, is somewhere close to the action right now.

Jerney ***, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, recently received an e-mail from his grandson, Kyle, who is a senior airman. Kyle was deployed just two days after the Sept. 11 attack. His grandfather does not know where he is or what he is doing, but he is relieved to know that his grandson is OK.

"After crying a bit, it was a relief and we're very happy to know that he's doing what he was trained to do," he said.

Jerney knows about air strikes and what his grandson may be seeing right now.

"Wherever he is, they do have aircraft because he says the aircraft maintenance are some of the hardest-working guys the Air Force has, and they definitely have earned my respect," he said.

Kyle's brother, Kevin, will be an aircraft worker soon. He leaves for the Air Force this April.

"I haven't really been able to talk to him, but it's still re-assuring to know that he's doing alright and everything. I really look up to him for what he's doing," he said.

In his e-mail, Kyle said that he hopes America is standing behind soldiers in the war efforts. He also warned his grandparents not to believe everything they see on TV during the air strikes.


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