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Five On Your Side Looks At Possible Faux Pas With Faux Painting

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Faux painting is hot with a lot of homeowners and businesses right now, but a Raleigh couple does not like the faux job done by a painter they hired, so they called Five On Your Side for help.

Little Victoria Borlase is not a bit bothered by the faux paint job in her nursery, but her parents are.

"The first thing you see when you walk in is the obvious roller marks on the ceiling," said Paige Borlase, Victoria's mother. "The colors don't blend well at all."

Borlase also had some complaints about the walls.

"Some of them are more obvious than others, but it looks like she just went up and down the walls very hurriedly," Borlase said.

Borlase also said part of the stenciling is smeared.

"I definitely feel I could have done that," she said.

Borlase planned a "night and day" theme for her daughter's nursery -- dark blue with stars in one corner and gradually fading to light blue in the opposite corner.

She hired Tamara Clark, owner of TC Artworks, to do the job. She paid Clark $1,350 to paint the nursery and the master bathroom. Borlase even paid $700 upfront. But after day one, it was not coming out the way Borlase expected. She told Clark the next day.

"She said no one had ever disliked her work," Borlase said.

Clark promised to "fix it." When Borlase came home that night, Clark had left a note saying, "I repainted the nursery...have the ceiling to finish, touch-ups, stars and swirls."

Borlase felt it needed a lot more than touch-ups. She decided it was not working out and called Clark to say she wanted her money back.

"She said, 'You won't get any of your money back. You can take me to small claims court. Just try,'" Borlase said.

Clark did not want to talk to WRAL on camera, but she provided a list of satisfied customers. She said she simply was not finished with the nursery and felt she could not make Borlase happy no matter what she did.

Clark said she would paint the nursery its original white, but has now offered Borlase $250 to have someone else do the job.

According to Five On Your Side's Monica Laliberte, when she first saw the Borlases' Nursery she thought -- "this looks terrible!" She said she thought the problems did not come across very well in the pictures. And when she saw it in person, Monica said she completely understood Paige's frustration. But when Monica went to the dental office, she said Tamara's work was "fabulous." Monica said she thought the job got off to a bad start and simply needed an unbiased third party reach a resolution.