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Travelers Still Concerned About Safety At RDU International

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RDU INTERNATIONAL, N.C. — With more U.S. responses to the terrorist attacks, many people are more nervous about flying. However, the new rules of the air are making some airline passengers more confident.

People feel safe enough about flying to form some long lines at

RDU International

. Every passenger is supposed to be questioned and identified.

"Walking through the gate, you see the armed guards, the policemen, you're just like 'Wow, I feel very safe flying,'" said air traveller Brendan Hynes. "It's basically the same as it was before. You just see these people. They're a lot more visible."

However, many RDU International passengers say that they do not feel secure. They claim things like knives and boxcutters mistakenly left in luggage slipped through security. Others claim nothing gets through.

"I had a little name tag with a pin on it and that beeped as I went through security, and they had to send my bag through the X-ray machine," said passenger Kelly Zangrilli. "It was just like a little name clip with my name and the safety pin on the back of it."

Random luggage is opened and searched. One search of a man's bag turned up two knives, including a large Buck knife.

"I normally carry them on myself. They wouldn't let me carry the knife at all," said air traveler Mike Fedorow. "I had a four-inch knife and, I think, about a 10-inch Buck knife in there."

Both of his knives went back in the bag into the cargo hold and on to Philadelphia.

Some passengers have questioned the effectiveness of airport X-ray machines. All of the airlines that operate the machines at RDU say they conform to FAA guidelines. For security reasons, the FAA would not tell WRAL about those guidelines.

National Guardsmen also started their patrols of RDU International. RDU received its National Guard detail Sunday. Fayetteville's airport received its detail on Monday.

Guardsmen carrying guns are looking for anything suspicious. The troops also help airport security people check bags and screen passengers.


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