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N.C. Lawmakers React To U.S.-Led Military Strikes

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressional leaders have issued a joint statement in support of the military action in Afghanistan. Republican and Democratic lawmakers said the will keep working together to "Do what is necessary to bring justice to these terrorists and those who harbor them."

U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-Lillington) released the following statement Sunday afternoon in support of the United States' military strikes against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

"I stand squarely behind the President and our armed forces in support of the military strikes against the Taliban regime and the terrorists they have harbored in Afghanistan. This is but one step, albeit an important one, in the war on terrorism," he said. "This war was begun on September 11th on the terms of the terrorists; it will be prosecuted and won on our terms.

"Tonight, I am proud of our President, our armed forces and our nation as we mount a campaign to rid the world of the likes of Osama bin Laden once and for all," he said. "Also this evening my prayers will be with our brave fighting men and women and the dangerous task that lies before them."

U.S. Senator John Edwards echoed Etheridge, saying that Congress stands behind President Bush's decision.

"We all knew we were going to act. It was just a question of when, and I think all the American people will be supportive and glad to see that the president has decided to go forward," says Edwards, D-NC.

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