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Raleigh Couple Resolves Complaint Against Rooms To Go, Financing Company

Posted October 7, 2001 2:37 a.m. EDT

— This story originally aired June 29, 1999.

Most people look for two things when they make a big purchase, quality and customer service. Several people who bought furniture through the same retailer say that is not what they got, so they called Five on Your Side for help.

The complaints are against

Rooms To Go

furniture store and the finance company it uses.

Five On Your Side has received eight complaints against them within just the last two months -- 10 complaints total. The complaints involve everything from quality to financing issues.

After six months of watching Rooms to Go ads, Scott and Melissa Rouse got the right furniture for the right price.

"We had our eye on this set for quite a while," Melissa Rouse said. "We kept watching it and watching it and we finally went in there and got it."

The Rouses bought the furniture in May of last year, from the store on Glenwood Avenue, by taking advantage of Rooms to Go's 14-month "same as cash" financing plan. But almost from the start, they had problems.

"It's just been one pain after another," Scott Rouse said.

First, they were charged $29.99 for stain guard on a chair they hadn't even purchased. Worse, they say after repeated assurances over the phone that the charge would be removed, they were told they were too late, that they should have notified the company about the error in writing within 30 days.

But the Rouses' bigger problem involves the finance company Rooms To Go uses to handle its accounts --

Household Retail Services

, or H.R.S.

The Rouses made a $100 payment in January that was incorrectly posted. H.R.S. tried to fix it through a series of confusing debits and credits but only made a bigger mess. As a result, $580 was incorrectly added to the Rouses' account balance in March.

They say they have been going back and forth between H.R.S. and Rooms to Go ever since.

"Every time we talked to someone they'd say on the computer they could see it, they would take care of it. But they never took care of it," Scott Rouse said.

The Rouses' complaint is one of 10 received by Five on Your Side against Rooms to Go this year. They include allegations of delivery problems, poor quality furniture, lack of customer service, and financing.

North Carolina's Attorney General

has 18 complaints statewide on file against Rooms to Go. The Better Business Bureau reports 22 complaints about the Raleigh and Durham stores.

5 On Your Side called Rooms to Go's home office in Tampa. Chief Operating Officer Steve Buckley admits some complaints "got kicked around too long," but stands behind the company's product and "customer service" saying it "is most important."

Buckley says he will review policy with local managers and with H.R.S. As for the Rouses, Buckley says the account errors are fixed. They just made their final payment and are now fully enjoying the furniture they waited a long time to find.

Buckley also promised to personally call each of Five On Your Side's complainants. He added that though they do not want any dissatisfied customers, the number of complaints against Rooms to Go is small considering the amount of business the company does.

As for H.R.S., the director of customer service also admits the Rouses' case was "really poorly handled." H.R.S is also looking into the two other complaints Five On Your Side received involving billing, and will work with Rooms To Go to resolve those.


Dave Renner

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