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National Guardsmen Assume Posts At RDU International

Posted October 7, 2001 5:46 a.m. EDT

— The North Carolina National Guard began their patrols at

RDU International

Sunday morning.

The soldiers completed their training Saturday night. Guardsmen are stationed at airports across the country to aid in security efforts.

Guard members will monitor and enforce security operations and support checkpoint personnel and airport law enforcement. In response to the request of President George W. Bush, Governor Mike Easley directed the activation of the North Carolina National Guard for the airport security mission.

The presence of uniformed, armed National Guard members in airports provides a highly visible deterrent to potential violators of federal security rules including attempts to carry illegal items such as guns, sharp objects, mace and other prohibited items on board aircraft.

Guard members will be on duty during hours required to coincide with airport operations.

Security initiatives prohibit the filming or photographing of security checkpoint operational areas. Only ticketed passengers with boarding passes, or airport employees with proper credentials, are allowed to approach and pass through security checkpoints.

Guardsmen will begin patrols at the airport in Fayetteville Monday morning.