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Pet Foster Care Volunteers Needed

Posted October 5, 2001 10:06 a.m. EDT

— Dogs and cats are starting to turn up in shelters across the state as their owners are called upon to help in the fight against terrorism. You can help serve our troops by caring for their pets.

Animal protection groups are trying to find temporary homes for those pets until their owners return.


Wake County SPCA's

already-packed shelter has recently taken in indirect victims of terrorism.

"We've had animals that are surrendered to us by people that have to go and help their families in New York because of the tragedy. We're starting to see pets from military personnel who are facing potential deployment," says Mondy Lamb of the Wake County SPCA.

With that type of threat facing shelters everywhere, N.C. State University veterinarian Kelli Ferris and the

State Animal Response Team

, SART, are encouraging responsible people to volunteer for pet foster care.

"At the last minute, those people are faced with trying to find a last-minute situation for their pet," says Farris.

The idea of pet foster care evolved from the hundreds of pets stranded by Hurricane Floyd. The crisis is different for pets now, but, the need still exists.

"Pets that would normally have an opportunity to be adopted might be euthanized, unfortunately, just to make room," says Ferris.

Those who care for animals for a living believe volunteering for foster care is a great way to support the people who serve and their pets.

To volunteer for pet foster care, call SART at