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Photos IDs Mandatory For Amtrak Passengers

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WILSON — Many people are opting to travel by bus or train in order to avoid flying or to save money. Just like at airports, security at train stations has been increased.


has announced a new level of security. Its new identification requirement means passengers need to show a picture ID to buy a ticket, to board the train and to pick up their luggage.

The identification requirement is something passenger Daisy Barnes is happy to provide.

"If something had been in place it would have been, maybe not quite as bad, not quite as bad as it was if they had something already in place, she says.

Amtrak employees are also wearing identification badges and are watching for unusual luggage.

The employees are also walking around the stations several times a day looking for anything out of place. They say the new rules will likely be permanent.


Brian Bowman, Reporter
Michelle Singer, Web Editor

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