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Raleigh Students Use 'Habits' As A Model For Success

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RALEIGH — A book intended for success in business is being used as a model for success in the classroom.

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

is a best-seller, and its author,

Dr. Stephen Covey

, is known as one of the most influential people in America. Now the author is influencing students in Raleigh.

Students at

A.B. Combs Elementary School

in Raleigh got to meet the man whose name covers their classroom walls and whose words are etched firmly in their memory.

Be Proactive. Put First Things First. Combs students use these habits daily.

"For these principles belong to every nation, every culture, every religion. These are universal, timeless and self-evident," says Covey.

Combs Elementary is an international school with students representing 56 countries. Its teachers and staff are Covey-trained.

Principal Muriel Summers had the idea to adapt Covey's leadership principles for the classroom two years ago.

"We wanted a program here at Combs that was not only academically challenging and stimulating, but also taught our children about the character traits," she says.

Students look for Covey Habits displayed by characters in literature. The concepts are applied in every class, in every subject and in every activity.

"I really believe that this school is indeed a model school," says Covey.

It is a model that may be duplicated by others, as teachers and administrators across the country look for ways to turn out not just scholars, but good citizens.