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Don't Let Kids Distract You In Your Car

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Driving has increasingly become a difficult task with cell phones and other gadgets taking your attention off the road. But for parents, the biggest distraction of all may be the kids.

A recent survey showed nearly 70 percent of parents say driving with their kids in the car causes stress. The stress of sudden spills, runny noses and messy faces are big problems.

Nearly half of parents report being distracted while finding something to clean it all up.

Kathy Peel, a family management expert, says a new product can help cut down on stress levels in the car. It is a four-ply dry wipe that clips right to the visor so it is easy to reach. It also makes it easier to clean up those unexpected messes in the car and on your child's face.

Peel also says kids will be kids, so bring along something to keep them occupied.

"Some non-perishable snacks such as dried fruits or crackers and keep bottled water and juice boxes in the car for those times when you are out longer than you anticipated," she says.

Experts say the best advice for parents if they are really stressed in the car is to pull over.