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State Lawmakers Want To Recall More Than 400,000 Driver Licenses

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Concerns that terrorists could use North Carolina's lax requirements for a driver license have several state lawmakers determined to change the system.

The lawmakers want to recall more than 400,000 driver licenses with bad social security numbers. The

state Division of Motor Vehicles

stopped requiring social security numbers two years ago and enters the number 9 on applications where no social security number is offered.

"The FBI has told me that it helps them a lot. It would separate what you might say the sheep from the goats," said Rep. Russell Capps (R-Wake). "It would separate those with valid licenses from those that do not and then they would have their list narrowed down, so that they could put their investigation on those who do not have a valid license."

The recall will cost the state $600,000.