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Anger Over Cancer Diagnosis Turns Into Inspiration For One Woman

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The old saying, "You are what you eat," takes on new meaning for some people with cancer. One woman's inspirational cancer diet is inspiring cancer patients everywhere.

Diana Dyer's experience with cancer came early when she was six months old. She beat cancer once as a child and was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. She says she still remembers how she felt when she heard the diagnosis.

"My body went absolutely cold with fear," she said.

Eleven years later, doctors found that the cancer had spread to her other breast.

"My body felt absolutely fiery red with anger," she said. "Yes, cancer might kill my body, but I was actually letting it kill my spirit too."

For a while, Diana felt helpless that she let her cancer take over. Then, she decided to do something about it.

Dyer turned to her expertise -- food, deciding to make it her source of information and inspiration. As a result, she wrote a book, A Dietitian's Cancer Story. In her book, she includes her tips and menus for creating a cancer-fighting diet.

Although more study is needed, research shows a healthy diet possibly helps fight and prevent certain cancers.

Dyer's book focuses on a plant-based diet -- more vegetables, less meat and prepared foods. Her book also includes suggested foods to eat at restaurants from Mexican to bar and grill fare. While chocolate, chips and other "comfort" foods are usually avoided, they are not off-limits. Even sweets play a part in recovery.


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