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Statewide Program Aimed At Getting Kids To Vote

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RALEIGH, N.C. — It's no secret that when given the chance to vote, most Americans do not do it. A statewide project aimed at youngsters is an effort to create new habits.

Students in nine North Carolina counties will head to the polls with their parents in a project called

Kids Voting

. The purpose is to get children in the habit of voting and give their parents a nudge too.

"We've had wonderful stories from parents and teachers who have said I wasn't going to vote, but my child wanted to vote, so my child took me to the poll,'" said Christine Craig, executive director of Kids Voting.

The Kids Voting project prints a curriculum and ballots that students of all ages can understand. Students can research the position of every candidate in the October and November elections. President Bush's election was an example of the importance of voting.

"Every vote counts, so I was like, 'Oh, I'm very interested now because I want my voice to be heard,'" said eighth-grader Alyssia Blalock.

Students of any school age attending public, private, parochial, and home schools can go with their parents and vote in Wake, Durham, and Cumberland Counties.


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