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Edwards seeks rules on deposition in sex tape case

Posted August 9, 2010 6:36 p.m. EDT
Updated August 9, 2010 7:10 p.m. EDT

— Former presidential candidate John Edwards is seeking to place restrictions on his testimony in a lawsuit surrounding a videotape that purportedly shows him engaged in extramarital sex.

Rielle Hunter, a former campaign worker who gave birth to Edwards' daughter, has sued one-time Edwards aide Andrew Young and his wife, alleging that they took the sex tape and photographs of Edwards with his daughter from her.

Hunter alleges in court documents that the Youngs used the video and photos to wrangle book and movie deals for "The Politician," Andrew Young's tell-all book about Edwards.

Young, who pretended to be the father of Hunter's child during the 2008 presidential campaign, has said that he kept the video and photos solely to corroborate his story and never used them for publicity or profit. He also contends that Hunter abandoned the property in a rented house in Chatham County.

In March, he surrendered in court copies of the sex tape and CDs filled with photos. The items will be kept under seal until the lawsuit is resolved.

Attorney Jim Cooney recently filed a motion for a protective order, seeking to limit Edwards' testimony in a deposition to questions about custody of the video. Also, he asked that, if the deposition is videotaped, that it not be released to the media unless it is shown in court and becomes a public record.

"Absent such a limiting order, the (Youngs) will use this discovery device for the purpose of embarrassment, annoyance, oppression," the motion states. "The (Youngs) will seek to use information generated by the discovery for their own personal financial self-promotion.”

The motion contends that the Youngs have no other means of income aside from the money they're making off the book. It also alleges that they have already harassed Edwards by seeking documents they know he doesn't have.