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Libertarian Senate candidate Michael Beitler in his own words

Libertarian Senate candidate Michael Beitler answered questions on a survey from WRAL.com.

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Michael Beitler
What issue would be your top priority if you were elected to represent North Carolinians in the Senate?

With double-digit unemployment in N.C., the top priority now must be jobs. Our current politicians in Washington believe growth in government jobs is good for the economy. In fact, government jobs hinder economic recovery because government jobs must be funded with taxpayer dollars. Net new jobs (productive, "real" jobs) can only be created in the private sector.

This year, North Carolinians are worried about the economy, specifically finding and keeping jobs. What measures would you take as a U.S. senator to spur job creation?

Job creation in N.C. will be my top priority when I report for work in the U.S. Senate. Small businesses in America are the engines of innovation and job creation. Small business owners must be rewarded for their success, not punished. We must reduce taxes and regulations on small businesses.

There's been a lot of talk about budgets and deficits lately. What do you believe should be the nation's fiscal priorities? Is there any area of current spending that you think should not be a priority? Are there any areas that you think should have a higher priority?

Richard Burr is a fiscal liberal; he voted for TARP and supports corporate welfare. Federal government budget deficits and the $13 trillion in debt are a national disgrace. The national debt has increased from $9.9 trillion to $13 trillion in a little over a year. This irresponsible spending spree must stop. Corporate welfare is not a priority, or a legitimate role, of the federal government.


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