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Democratic Senate candidate Marcus Williams in his own words

Democratic Senate candidate Marcus Williams answered questions on a survey from WRAL.com.

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Marcus Williams
What issue would be your top priority if you were elected to represent North Carolinians in the Senate?

Create a more robust, job producing economy, with an emphasis on targeted pools of venture capital, grants and low interest loans for the initiation and/or expansion of small businesses. This is an immediate necessity. For the longer term, it is imperative for us to balance the federal budget and commence the process of diminishing the monstrous federal deficit. A second component of this priority is to attract high wage and high skill jobs in North Carolina. Working with State and Local officials, we would collaborate to identify clean industries to inveigle into our State. Third, we must inspire all unemployed citizens to examine the range of options for retraining or reinventing themselves to enable them to take advantage of the new green economy and other emerging job opportunities.

This year, North Carolinians are worried about the economy, specifically finding and keeping jobs. What measures would you take as a U.S. senator to spur job creation?

See answer to Question 1.

There's been a lot of talk about budgets and deficits lately. What do you believe should be the nation's fiscal priorities? Is there any area of current spending that you think should not be a priority? Are there any areas that you think should have a higher priority?

I am probably the most fiscally frugal of all of the candidates. We, as a nation, must learn how to do more with less of the taxpayer's hard earned dollar by immediately scrubbing every budget item to examine and identify opportunities to reduce discretionary and annualized spending and simultaneously undertake efforts to attack that monstrous federal deficit. My proven record of balancing budgets and supervising staffs demonstrates the acumen to adroitly engage in this process.


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