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Former John Edwards aide holds book signing in Durham

Posted March 17, 2010 1:24 a.m. EDT
Updated March 17, 2010 2:20 a.m. EDT

— Andrew Young, the former John Edwards aide who wrote a tell-all about the cover-up of his boss' affair with Rielle Hunter, made his first public appearance Tuesday evening in Durham.

Young signed copies of his book, "The Politician," at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at The Streets at Southpoint.

“For all the people who stood by me, I love you,” Young told the crowd of more than 200 people.

The 300-page book chronicles Young's association with Edwards, beginning as Edwards was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1998 and extending through two unsuccessful bids for the Democratic nomination for president. Their close bond ended when Edwards used Young to hide an affair with Hunter, a campaign staffer, and the fact that Edwards had fathered her child.

“I wrote this book, at first to explain to my kids and to my family why I did the stupid things that I did, and to apologize and try and make a fresh start," Young said Tuesday.

Since the book's release on Jan. 30, Young has been interviewed by reporters for numerous national television programs. Tuesday, however, was the first time he came face-to-face with his readers.

“He strikes me as credible and ethical, and wow, I think he really got the shaft,” reader Shirley Langloys said at the book signing.

“I love the book, and I wish he and Cheri (Young's wife) the very best,” reader Linda Precythe said.

Young also commented Tuesday on Hunter's recent interview with GQ magazine, where she said her and Edwards have been in love from February 2006 until now.

“Her article confirms everything that I say, that John and Rielle, and to a degree Elizabeth, are working together,” Young said.

Young's book continues to top bestseller lists.

"Am I pleased that it has gone to the top of the New York Times bestseller list and all these other ones? Yes!” Young said.

In between TV appearances to promote "The Politician," Young has appeared in a North Carolina courtroom four times over the last month.

Hunter sued Young and his wife on Jan. 28, saying they had taken a video she described as "very private and personal," as well as campaign videos she shot and pictures of her daughter.

She alleged that they wanted the items to generate publicity for "The Politician."

Last month, the Youngs turned over to the court a videotape labeled "Special," four other VHS videotapes, two CDs with copies of photos and a USB drive containing photos. 

A Superior Court judge said the items would remain sealed until the lawsuit between Hunter and the Youngs is resolved. He also found the Youngs in contempt for not immediately surrendering the items.

The judge came close during a hearing last week to sending Andrew Young to jail for up to 75 days before he relented.