Local Politics

N.C. Senators react to the State of the Union

Posted January 28, 2010 12:15 a.m. EST

Sen. Kay R. Hagan, (D) North Carolina:

“Tonight, the President said we need to get serious about our national debt. I am among a group of Senators who have been pushing for a bipartisan debt commission, which I supported in the Senate this week along with 52 of my colleagues. I am pleased the President is agreeing with our position. Tonight he announced such a commission by executive order. He also proposed a three-year, discretionary spending freeze for budget items not related to national security, which I support."

Sen. Richard Burr, (R) North Carolina:

“With the American people disgusted by our growing debt, out of control spending, and non-existent job creation, the President’s main priority needs to be turning our economy around. While the President’s call for a spending freeze is an important first step, the devil is in the details. This proposal falls woefully short of what Americans demand – a smaller, less expensive federal government. We need to move further and make actual cuts if we are truly serious about reversing Washington’s spending habits."