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State gets most of deposit back on $9.2M jet

Posted June 23, 2009 4:15 p.m. EDT

— Cessna Aircraft refunded most of North Carolina's $250,000 deposit on a $9.2 million jet for the state Department of Commerce.

Former Gov. Mike Easley canceled a deal for the jet last October, as the growing budget deficit forced him to cut spending by most state agencies.

The purchase of the Cessna Citation Encore was included in the 2007 budget. The sleek, powerful jet was supposed to replace a King Air turboprop in the fleet of planes industry recruiters use to ferry business executives around North Carolina.

Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco last month asked for a refund of the deposit, and Cessna officials last Friday cut a check for $230,625.

The company deducted $15,000 in sales expenses and a $4,375 fee that the company paid to the state as an electronic procurement fee.

"We are pleased Cessna has refunded the bulk of the deposit, and that this issue has been resolved," Commerce spokeswoman Kathy Neal said.