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State GOP seeks to regroup after election losses

Posted June 12, 2009 7:05 p.m. EDT

— The North Carolina Republican Party will elect a new chairman during its annual convention this weekend in Raleigh.

The party also needs to regroup after sustaining heavy losses in the November election, and young delegates say they are ready to lead a revival.

"Some of our Republicans have become complacent in time, and it's time to come back together for our basic core principles," delegate Kimberly Cotten said.

Jason Noble, a 28-year-old delegate from Lenoir County, said he wants to be part of the next generation of Republicans in the state.

"I decided to get involved in the Republican Party because I believe in smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom for the people," Noble said.

Most of those at the convention agree it's time for new leadership, but they disagree on how to regain momentum.

Some said exploiting controversy surrounding a few Democrats, such as a federal investigation of former Gov. Mike Easley, could rally support.

"I think you'll see (such ads) play well as kind of a campaign theme as part of the next election," said Brent Woodcox, a spokesman for the state GOP.

Others said finger-pointing won't help the party.

"The best way to win is with ideas, to put forward a platform with honest, true solutions. That's how you're going to win," Noble said. "We don't need to stray from those ideas, but we don't need to alienate anyone either."