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Bob Orr Debate Statement

The following statement was submitted by Bob Orr in advance of Thursday's Republican gubernatorial debate on WRAL.

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This November, North Carolinians will vote to elect a governor in what is in my view the most important gubernatorial election in a generation. We face unprecedented challenges that will require engaged visionary leadership and a lot of hard work from the leaders of both political parties to overcome.

North Carolina is undergoing an economic transition that has been painful for many of our people. The industries of yesterday are fading and what might replace them is not yet entirely clear. Added to this uncertain transition, is the strain on resources created by a massive influx of new people in the next 20 years. As I have said since the beginning of my campaign, this election is not only about the next four years, it’s about the opportunities that our children and grandchildren will have.

What North Carolina needs most to meet our challenges is leadership. We need thoughtful, committed leadership to solve the complex education, health care, and economic development problems ahead. We need a leader with the courage to make tough decisions and demand open and honest government that serves the public interest above all else.

I believe my record of 18 years of service on our state’s two highest courts demonstrates my capabilities and my commitment to our people and our laws. My vision for our future is focused on securing and expanding the prosperity and quality of life that we expect in North Carolina. If elected as your next governor, I will strive to make that vision a reality.

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