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Hackney Appoints House Committees

Posted February 13, 2007 11:56 a.m. EST

— Speaker of the House Joe Hackney has named committees to discuss legislation during the 2007-08 session.

Hackney created four committees -- agribusiness and agricultural economy, energy and energy efficiency, juvenile justice and mental health reform -- and restructured several existing ones. Commerce, Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Federal Relations and Indian Affairs; Homeland Security, Military and Veteran Affairs; and Ways and Means will focus on slightly different issues or will have expanded responsibilities from previous years.

The membership of the committees is as follows:

AGING: Farmer-Butterfield (chair); Bordsen, Clary, Jones and Pierce (vice chairs); Adams, Boylan, Earle, England, Gillespie, Holmes, Mobley, Thomas and Weiss.

AGRIBUSINESS AND AGRICULTURAL ECONOMY: Faison (chair); Hill and West (vice chairs); Brubaker, Frye, Mobley and Pierce.

AGRICULTURE: Hill (chair); Bell, Braxton, Brisson, Faison, Lewis and Williams (vice chairs); Coates, Daughtry, Holloway, Kiser, Langdon, Pate, Steen, Tarleton, Tolson, Tucker, Underhill, Walker, E. Warren and Wray.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL: Lucas (chair); Gibson and Grady (vice chairs); Boylan, Brown, Coates, Cole, Daughtry, Goforth, Jones, Lewis, McGee, Saunders, Starnes and Tucker.

APPROPRIATIONS: Adams, Alexander, Crawford, Haire, Jeffus, Tolson, Yongue and Michaux (chairs).

APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON CAPITAL: Womble and Wright (chairs); Church and Grady (vice chairs); Allred, Avila, Cunningham, Daughtry, Holliman, Killian and Wainwright.

APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON EDUCATION: Glazier, McLawhorn and Rapp (chairs); Bell, Johnson and Lucas (vice chairs); Hilton, Holloway, Parmon, Pate, Tarleton and Wiley.

APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON GENERAL GOVERNMENT: Goforth and Underhill (chairs); Fisher, Steen and Tucker (vice chairs); Almond, Braxton, Brown, Cleveland, Owens, Pierce, Walker and West.

APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Earle, England and Insko (chairs); Barnhart, Clary and Coleman (vice chairs); Brisson, Neumann and Thomas.

APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY: Bordsen and Love (chairs); Kiser, Ray, Spear, Sutton and R. Warren (vice chairs); Frye, Goodwin, Hurley, Justus, Mobley and Moore.

APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON NATURAL AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES: McAllister and E. Warren (chairs); Harrison, Justice and Wilkins (vice chairs); Bryant, Langdon, Samuelson, Stiller and Wray.

APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION: Coates and Cole (chairs); Allen, Blue, Holmes and Saunders (vice chairs); Boylan, Current, Dickson, Dockham, Dollar, Gillespie, Gulley, T. Harrell, Martin, McElraft and Williams.

CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES: Pierce (chair); Farmer-Butterfield, McAllister and Wiley (vice chairs); Alexander, Almond, Fisher, T. Harrell, Hilton, Mobley, Moore and Setzer.

COMMERCE, SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Dickson (chair); Carney, Daughtridge, Starnes and Wilkins (vice chairs); Allen, Allred, Blackwood, Braxton, Brown, Clary, Cole, England, Farmer-Butterfield, Gillespie, Goforth, T. Harrell, McGee, Neumann, Owens, Parmon, Pate, Pierce, Rapp, Ray, Samuelson, Steen, Tarleton, E. Warren and R. Warren.

EDUCATION: Bell and Lucas (chairs).

EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE ON COMMUNITY COLLEGES: Wilkins and Wray (chairs); Bordsen, England and Walker (vice chairs); Avila, Brown, Dockham, Goforth, Goodwin, Langdon, Love, McElraft, Tolson and R. Warren.

EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE ON PRE-SCHOOL, ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION: Fisher and Parmon (chairs); Blackwood, Jeffus and McLawhorn (vice chairs); Carney, Folwell, Glazier, Johnson, Rapp, Stam and Wiley.

EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE ON UNIVERSITIES: McAllister and Womble (chairs); Current, Dollar, Insko, Tarleton and E. Warren (vice chairs); Adams, Alexander, Bryant, Cleveland, Daughtridge, Dickson, Hall, Hilton, Holloway, Hurley, Ross, Samuelson, Stiller, Thomas and Yongue.

ELECTION LAW AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: Goodwin (chair); Kiser, Luebke and Ross (vice chairs); Bryant, Church, Current, Fisher, Harrison, Holmes, Justice, Lewis, Martin, Michaux, Stam and Starnes.

ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICENCY: Harrison (chair); Tolson and Walend (vice chairs); Boylan, Fisher, Folwell, Gibson, Gulley, J. Harrell, Luebke, Neumann, Samuelson, Saunders and Tarleton.

ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES: Allen (chair); Gillespie, J. Harrell, Harrison, Justice, Tarleton and Underhill (vice chairs); Blackwood, Brisson, Dollar, Gibson, Haire, Insko, Killian, Luebke, Martin, McComas, Owens, Samuelson, Stiller, Tucker, Weiss, West and Womble.

ETHICS: Howard and Ross (chairs); Brubaker and Yongue (vice chairs); Bell, Dockham, Justice, Lucas, Steen and Tolson.

FEDERAL RELATIONS AND INDIAN AFFAIRS: Blue and Sutton (chairs); Frye and Martin (vice chairs); Black, Brown, Gillespie and Yongue.

FINANCE: Gibson, Wainwright, Weiss and Luebke (chairs); Hill, Holliman, Howard, McComas and Womble (vice chairs); Black, Blackwood, Blust, Carney, Cunningham, Daughtridge, Faison, Farmer-Butterfield, Folwell, Hall, J. Harrell, Jones, Lewis, McGee, Owens, Ross, Setzer, Stam, Starnes, Tillis and Walend.

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Church (chair); Brubaker, Carney and Williams (vice chairs); Black, Daughtridge, Dockham, Earle, Grady, Hall, Holmes, Jeffus, McComas, Mobley, Neumann, Saunders, Spear, Tillis and R. Warren.

HEALTH: Wright (chair); Earle, England and Justus (vice chairs); Adams, Alexander, Avila, Barnhart, Boylan, Current, Farmer-Butterfield, Glazier, Grady, T. Harrell, McAllister, McElraft, McLawhorn, Neumann, Parmon, Rapp, Stiller, Thomas, Wainwright, Walend and Wilkins.

HOMELAND SECURITY, MILITARY AND VETERAN AFFAIRS: Martin (chair); Blust, Cunningham, Pate and Wright (vice chairs); Allred, Barnhart, Braxton, Cleveland, Coates, Dickson, Glazier, Hilton, Killian, Spear, Sutton, Thomas, Underhill and R. Warren.

INSURANCE: Goforth and Holliman (chairs); Bryant, Dickson, Dockham and Setzer (vice chairs); Almond, Blust, Cole, Current, Faison, Howard, Lewis, Pierce, Saunders, Sutton, Wainwright, Walend and Wright.

JUDICIARY I: Ross (chair); Goodwin, Stam and Stiller (vice chairs); Alexander, Blust, Bryant, Clary, Hall, Harrison, Holmes, Insko, Martin, Mobley and West.

JUDICIARY II: Blue (chair); Glazier, Love and Weiss (vice chairs); Bordsen, Crawford, Folwell, J. Harrell, Hurley, Johnson, Kiser, Moore, Parmon, Ray and Spear.

JUDICIARY III: Sutton (chair); Daughtry, Faison and R. Warren (vice chairs); Almond, Black, Fisher, Haire, Jeffus, Lewis, Michaux, Tillis, Underhill, Walend and Wiley.

JUVENILE JUSTICE: Bordsen (chair); Haire, Kiser and Mobley (vice chairs); Avila, Blust, Bryant, Cunningham, Goodwin, Hurley, Justus, McAllister, McElraft and Pierce.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT I: Tucker (chair); Braxton and Langdon (vice chairs); Coleman, Gibson, Hurley, McElraft, McGee, Owens, Pate, Spear, Walker and E. Warren.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT II: Jones (chair); Adams and Allen (vice chairs); Fisher, Frye, Love, Lucas, Steen, Tillis and Womble.

MENTAL HEALTH REFORM: Earle and Insko (chairs); Alexander and Barnhart (vice chairs); Braxton, Brisson, Clary, Coleman, England, Justus, Langdon, McLawhorn, Ray and Wiley.

PENSIONS AND RETIREMENT: Bell and J. Harrell (chairs); Coleman, Folwell, Holloway and McGee (vice chairs); Hurley, McLawhorn and Tolson.

PUBLIC UTILITIES: Saunders (chair); Brubaker and Coates (vice chairs); Black, Bryant, Earle, Grady, Gulley, Harrison, Holmes, Howard, Lucas and Wright.

RULES, CALENDAR, AND OPERATIONS OF THE HOUSE: Owens (chair); Glazier, Hill, Luebke and Ross (vice chairs); Barnhart, Bell, Blue, Brubaker, Clary, Cole, Crawford, Dockham, J. Harrell, Holliman, Howard, Insko, Jeffus, Justice, Justus, Love, McComas, McLawhorn, Michaux, Pate, Ray, Setzer, Steen, Weiss and Yongue.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Jones (chair); Gulley, T. Harrell and Tolson (vice chairs); Avila, Blue, England, Haire, Johnson and Tillis.

STATE PERSONNEL: Coleman (chair); Almond and Church (vice chairs); J. Harrell, Justus, Killian, Sutton, Wiley, Womble and Yongue.

TRANSPORTATION: Carney (chair); Coates, Cole, Crawford, Hilton, McComas and Williams (vice chairs); Allen, Blackwood, Braxton, Brisson, Cleveland, Daughtridge, Daughtry, Dollar, T. Harrell, Hill, Killian, Moore, Rapp, Steen, Stiller, Sutton, Underhill, Wilkins, Wray and Wright.

UNIVERSITY BOARD OF GOVERNORS NOMINATING: Dickson (chair); Bryant, Haire and Moore (vice chairs); Blust, Brubaker, Dollar, Holmes, Insko, Rapp, E. Warren and Womble.

WAYS AND MEANS: J. Harrell (chair); Allred, Hall, Michaux, Owens and Wainwright (vice chairs); Avila, Carney, Crawford, Folwell, Goforth, Grady, Holliman, Lewis, McLawhorn, Neumann, Spear and Walend.

WILDLIFE RESOURCES: Williams (chair); Cleveland, Spear and Wray (vice chairs); Brisson, Church, Gulley, Love, Thomas and West.