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Dan Forest position statements

Posted April 11, 2012 11:24 a.m. EDT

What would your top three priorities be if elected lieutenant governor of North Carolina?

Lowering taxes on all businesses to encourage job creation. This includes lowering the gas tax and eliminating the corporate income tax.

Breaking the state-run monopoly on education through the introduction of school choice.

Using the office of lieutenant governor to serve as the point person in the state to fight illegal immigration.

Given the current state of the economy, as lieutenant governor, what would you do to add jobs and boost the economy here?

Create a lower tax bracket for small-business owners who file under the personal income tax. Eliminate the corporate income tax and lower the states gas tax so that we are more competitive with other Southeastern states. Currently, we have the highest gas tax and the highest corporate income tax rate in the Southeast, and we wonder why the jobs keep going to other states. We also need a plan to unleash the vast energy resources we have in North Carolina. There is no reason we should not be tapping the natural gas and oil resources we have in this state and thereby create jobs in the process.

Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman?

Yes, I support marriage only between one man and one woman as God intended.

Do you support raising the sales tax in North Carolina to restore cuts in education funding?

No, the answers to our education problems are not found in raising taxes and spending money. The education bureaucracy is bloated, slow, inefficient and not innovative. Let's break that bureaucracy up, return power and decision-making authority to the local level and give the power of school choice to every family in this state.