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What would your top three priorities be if elected lieutenant governor of North Carolina?

My top priority would be to REFORM state government by listening, acting and fixing. The citizens have been misled to think that you can just "cut the fat." Our challenges are like marbleized meat: every good thing that government is responsible for has a piece of fat attached to it. It takes someone with a track record of using their hands, back, heart and mind to REALLY reform state government for the benefit of taxpayers and citizens. My track record can be found on www.dalefolwell.com. I will have one top priority in the areas of government efficiency/regulation, education and family each year that I serve.

Rebuild the middle class with the joy of achievement and not the sense of entitlement.

Actually attend and participate in the State Board of Education meetings, which has responsibility for over 50 percent of our budget.

Given the current state of the economy, as lieutenant governor, what would you do to add jobs and boost the economy here?

It's what I would CONTINUE to do: which is to work on the invisible regulation and taxation that is driving jobs and money out of North Carolina. It's important to realize that any reform of regulation/taxation that benefits business in North Carolina would also benefit the state and the taxpayers because the state is the largest employer in North Carolina. It starts with the four invisibles that are driving up the cost of government, which ultimately is paid by individuals and businesses. They are the pension, health care(one of the largest unfunded liabilities in the U.S.), unemployment insurance and workers comp systems.

Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman?

Yes, I do support the amendment for three reasons: trust, choice, and certainty.

Trust – for decades, politicians have put marriage between one man and one woman on their job application and then get to Raleigh and forget what they promised the voters. That is a huge problem with ALL aspects of government. The trust gap has NEVER been wider!

Choice – This issue is and should be bigger than 170 legislators or one activist judge. It has been the law since 1995 and sanctioned by the state for hundreds of years. Now the people have the choice to put it in THEIR constitution.

Certainty – The marriage amendment has been around for decades. It is time for the voters to vote!

Do you support raising the sales tax in North Carolina to restore cuts in education funding?

I voted to reduce the sales tax rate in North Carolina and do not support raising it. Sales taxes hurt the poor first and worst in North Carolina. On education, the days of "spraying and praying " money on education is over. The students and taxpayers deserve better and will get better with me as their lieutenant governor.